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SDC 2013 Presentation Materials

Thank you to everyone who came to this year’s Skill Development Conference, with special thanks to those who presented a workshop or table display/game during the Teaching Bazaar. Materials for the 2013 SDC presentations are now available to download through this site. To access, please hover over the “SDC” tab in the menu above, then click on “Bazaar Games”, “Bazaar Tables”, or “Workshops” to find the presentation you are looking for.

2013 Regional Meetings


Tobu (East Region Schools)
When: Monday, May 20th
Where: Mishima Choryo High School

Chubu (Central Region Schools)
When: Wednesday, May 22nd
Where: Kencho Annex Building, 20th floor, Room 1A

Seibu (West Region Schools)
When: Friday, May 24th
Where: Iwata Minami High School

Please check your email for detailed directions to your specific meeting location.


10:00~11:00 Opening, General Information, Forum on Current JET Issues
We will start off the meeting with general information from the Board of Education. There will also be time to address issues relevant to the JET community and situations that ALTs encounter in the workplace.

 11:00~11:15 Eigo Bento Presentation
Mark Simpson will give a short presentation on the revamped Eigo Bento website for Shizuoka ALTs to share their lesson plans and activities.

11:15~12:00 Lesson Plan Discussion & Exchange
ALTs will divide into small groups to share a lesson plan they have created and successfully used in class. Lesson plans should in principle have an oral communication focus, but you may bring lesson plans for writing or grammar-based classes if you do not have anything appropriate. The purpose of this activity is not only to exchange lesson ideas with your fellow ALTs but also to discuss what makes a lesson successful and how to continually improve our lesson planning skills as teachers.

12:00~13:00 Lunch
Please bring your own lunch, or money to buy lunch nearby. A list of lunchtime options for your regional meeting was sent to your email.

13:00~13:30 Lesson Group Presentations
One member will present on behalf of each lesson planning discussion group to everyone in attendance.

13:30~14:30 Guidance for Returning ALTs OR Presentation/Discussion for Re-contracting ALTs
Those finishing their contract this summer will move to another room for a meeting with me. Those continuing into the 2013-14 JET year will have a presentation or discussion led by one of their fellow JETs.

14:30~15:15 Presentation on Living and Working in Japan
I will be giving a presentation on “culture fatigue” designed to give everyone the opportunity to reflect on their experiences in Japan. We will also discuss strategies for dealing with the inevitable stresses that come from living and working in a foreign country.

15:15~16:00 Final Announcements and Questions
Information on recruitment of regional senpai JETs, summer English Camp schedules, and other administrative matters will be covered at this time. There is also a chance for ALTs to ask any remaining questions. The meeting will be officially dismissed at 16:00.

–7 copies of a successful lesson plan you have used in the classroom
–Notebook and pens/pencils