Welcome to Eigo Bento!

The goal of Eigo Bento is to create an online repository of lesson plans and activities that can be easily utilized by the ALTs of Shizuoka Prefecture and beyond allowing quicker and hopefully more effective English lesson.

The web site is still very much in it’s infancy and we need contributions from you! Create an account, log in, and start uploading your great lesson plans today!

Website Navigation:

The basic layout of the web site is the “Home” page – where the most recent posts made by a member of the Eigo Bento committee can be found, an “SDC” page – where posts related to SDC are collected together, “Lesson-Plan” and “Activity” libraries, and the “It Takes Two” page – where collections of activity publications known as “It Takes Two” – the predecessor to Eigo Bento – can be found.