SDC Upload Instructions

To upload your submission to Eigo Bento, hover over the “SDC” button in the menu bar above and select “SDC Submission”.

Please fill in each field and attach any attachments you may have. To select multiple attachments, either drag to form a selection or use CTRL while clicking each attachment to add.

Pressing submit will send your submission. Submissions however will be hidden until closer to the date of SDC.

If you wish to edit a submission, please log in to the website and then click the “Edit submission” button to the top right of the page when viewing the submission you wish to edit.

Otherwise, closer to the time of SDC, clicking on “Bazaar Tables” or “Workshops” from the “SDC” dropdown menu will show this years submissions for each category.

Clicking on “Archive” will show all submissions ever over the years listed by most recent first.