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Classroom Town

Materials required:

Cards with place names for about half the students in the class


  1. Please put your desks together into groups of four. Make enough space to walk between groups. (Pass out cards – two to each table in various positions).

  2. If you have a card, please hold it high in the air. Everyone look around you. You are now a town!

  3. I’m going to give someone directions to a secret location. If you can find the secret place, you will get double stamps!

  4. (Show example with JTE, using words like “go straight,” “turn,” “it’s on…”etc. As you give directions, have the JTE walk around the classroom following them).

  5. Now, who wants to volunteer? (Pick students and give directions as they walk around the classroom.)

[To students holding cards:] Please hold your cards so (the volunteer walker) can see it.

[To other students:] If (the volunteer walker) gets stuck, help him/her!

Thank you to Ashley Imperadeiro and Keiko Sato for their contribution.

Level: Beginner

Time required: 15 minutes.
Skills: Listening Speaking