To Fix

Fix it takes two table display for iphone
Add in a sidebar for it takes two page
Fix pagination of search results(I set it to show 10 posts per page)
Add displaying posts by categories and tags
Make a page drop down like the “add new activity” thing on the menu (and say “categories” and also “tags”)??
Add a post submitted/ view pending post screen for posts made on the front end (currently just redirects to home page)
Add tags and categories to front end “add activity/lesson” pages.
Remove website option for non logged in commenters
Add an “add worksheet” button (separate to the add media button) when creating new plans/activities
Add a link to the worksheet when viewing a single activity/plan
Add an attachment icon when viewing a list of activities/plans to alert the user there is a worksheet
Get the front end “add worksheet” button working.
Remove the current “add media” button from the front end
Add in minimum number of required fields (for at least the front input) before the plan/activity is accepted
Finish making category display page (activity-categories at present)
Change category display page to have a set of check boxes and can choose results of multiple skills.
Fix the skill archive pages to match the sites style


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